Fans of Euro 2022 will read Cooper and sit under a conditioner in Kievan detention cells

Misbehaving Euro-fans will be transported in new vehicles with air conditioning and windows, and they will be placed in the cells for two with ventilation and the The Deerslayer by Cooper.

«If a fan is detained on the stadium or in the fan zone in the centre of the capital, he will be primarily brought to the pre-trial detention cells, which are at the stadium. There will be a judge who hears the case and decides – to restrict the penalty by administration fine or assign punishment. This can be a detention from 2 to 15 days. Then the offender is brought to the unit in Darnitsa.

The cells have already been repaired. Each detainee is supposed to have 4 square meters, a bed, chair and table, toilet, sink, and a shower room on the floor. However, detainees are allowed to bathe only once a week. «But if someone wants to have a shower, then we can allow to do it out of schedule», – says Yuri Petrenko, the deputy chief of the detention centre. There are no TVs or refrigerators in the cells. Instead of air conditioners there is a powerful ventilation, the windows are made of matte glass, which allows only light in, but one can open the window. «Food is three times a day. There are no chops and steaks, of course, but there is a stew, pasta, porridge and soups, «- says Petrenko, showing cells.  

Foreigners will be questioned as to their religion and placed in different cells when it is required to avoid any animosity on religious grounds.

Officers of the detention centre honestly admit that they do not know English. However, they know simple English words relating to walking, eating and can understand what the arrested wants. «If necessary, we invite an interpreter to the detention centre and during the championship there will be two volunteer interpreters in every police department, «- says the head of the central board for Euro police of Kiev Oleksandr Kucher.

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